RailRunner® high-capacity containers and trailers can be filled at local transfer stations, bypassing complex, dangerous transfer and compacting at rail terminals. RailRunner Terminal Anywhere® technology provides fast, safe access to any landfill with minimal investment.

Most municipalities compact and transfer trash to highway haulers or 20′ high-cube (12′ height) containers at local transfer stations. These loads are then trucked or transported by rail to landfills, often hundreds of miles away. Many, if not most, of these transfer stations are not rail served. Railroads are reluctant to add rail-served transfer stations because of concerns about pollutants, toxic materials and community concerns.

RailRunner alleviates this conundrum by allowing 40 ft RailRunner aluminum containers to be filled at traditional transfer stations, payload while meeting over-the-road weight standards. Once drayed to a RailRunner Terminal Anywhere terminal, a RailRunner train can be assembled in a “clean” transfer: no open trash, no leakage, no pollution and no adverse community impact.