Markets & Applications

RailRunner® is the first company to bring the advantages of standard container-based rail transport to a much wider market of manufacturers, farmers, shippers, wholesalers and retailers in a cost-effective system, thus dramatically extending the reach of intermodal rail shipping. The Terminal Anywhere® System makes intermodal transportation cost-effective both for shorter distances – less than 1,000 miles – and to smaller markets. Manufactured goods, specialized agriproducts, etc., can be loaded into containers at the factory or farm location. The container mounted on a RailRunner chassis can be pulled by truck or locomotive and easily shifted from one transport mode to the other. This allows shippers to keep their products “identity preserved” in the same container, whether on highway, rail or ship, all the way to the final destination. The Terminal Anywhere System provides owners, operators, service providers and logistics managers opportunities to create value-added solutions providing increased revenues, lower costs and new access to a wide array of vertical markets in North America. Specifically:

Feeder Services

RailRunner provides intermodal access for the underserved 200 mile to 1000 mile length-of-haul market. From factory, farm or forest RailRunner provides economical containerized bi-directional rail access to major intermodal hubs.

Inland Ports and Terminals

Congestion plagues every successful port, and increasing containership capacity will exacerbate the crunch. RailRunner offers fast, easy and inexpensive access to inland ports for intermodal distribution.

Municipal and Construction Waste

RailRunner high-capacity containers and trailers can be filled at local transfer stations, bypassing complex, dangerous transfer and compacting at rail terminals. RailRunner’s Terminal Anywhere System provides fast, safe access to any landfill with minimal investment.

Identity-preserved Agriculture

Whether its high value nutritional content or non-GMO certification, RailRunner provides farmers, growers and processors everywhere with fully traceable IP verifiability by source loading into RailRunner containers sealed for shipment. RailRunner provides direct farm-to-fork security and access to the national stack-train network with no additional transloading.

Containerized Automobile Transport

Transporting automobiles in sealed containers from factory to dealer is easy with the Trailer Bridge VTM container and RailRunner rail access. No dealer refinishing, no vandalism and no weather worries. Easy driver access and egress for fast loading and unloading.


ISO 9000 traceability and just-in-time inventory management often require containerized transport for plastic components, cement, pharmaceuticals, construction materials and paper products. RailRunner containers can carry your cargo from the factory floor to the customer door in either domestic or international containers.