Ports & Terminals

Congestion plagues every successful port, and increasing containership capacity will exacerbate the crunch. RailRunner® offers fast, easy and inexpensive access to inland ports for intermodal distribution.

High intensity port operations send thousands of containers of traffic into local communities every week. Steamship operators everywhere are increasing the size of their containership fleets, and increasing the capacity of the ships themselves. Ships with capacities of 7,500 to 10,000 TEU’s are coming on line. Rapid loading and unloading of these vessels means that port cities and their surrounding communities will experience higher traffic congestion, more traffic noise and air pollution.

RailRunner chassis can reduce intra-port container lifts and port congestion. Containers are directly loaded off the ship onto the RR chassis, which then go directly to near-by rail yards for being assembled to dedicated trains connecting with larger domestic terminals.

RailRunner trains quickly and easily remove containers to inland ports where they can be transferred to traditional stack trains or de-ramped for highway travel in less-developed areas. RailRunner’s bi-modal technology easily integrates into port operations and provides efficient transfer to both long haul double-stack operations and local or regional dray deliveries.