International Shipping

RailRunner® is a bi-modal container carrying system transport enabling remote areas to easily and economically reach mainstream container routes to destinations throughout North America and abroad.

Shipping ISO-standard containers has become the main transport mode in the export and import of goods around the world. In addition to manufactured products, more and more commodities are shipped in container as well. Higher-valued agricultural products and refrigerated fruit and vegetables are claiming an increasing share of container shipments, instead of relying on conventional bulk shipping modes. Today no other shipping method is as fast, efficient, cost-effective and reliable as container shipping. Growth rates of 10% and more per year have revolutionized international trade, spurring economic growth and industrial development, as well as the outsourcing of industrial production.

To fully leverage the advantages of its technology, RailRunner is in constant communication with railroads, domestic forwarders and logistic companies, as well as international shipping lines, in order to enable smooth and fast connections for shipments on RailRunner lines into their main transport routes. Thus RailRunner is able to assist in reducing total transit times, securing adequate supplies of containers and facilitating domestic and international traffic from end to end.