Containerized Car Transport

In recent years mainly in Europe a trend developed shipping automobiles in so-called “showroom ready” condition from factories directly to dealers. Depending on the mode of transport, this eliminates initial protective measures to sufficiently protect cars against scratches, damage and dirt, which can amount to several hundred dollars per car.

Fully encapsulated and containerized car transport is one easy solution combining the use of Trailer Bridge’s Vehicle Transport Module (VTM) container and RailRunner® bi-modal technology. Automobiles are loaded at the factory ramp directly into the container with safe driver access and exit and simple belt securing technology of the cars. Then, VTMs loaded on a RailRunner chassis are “rail-ready” and can be transported either by rail in double stack mode or by truck to the next rail connection where they would be assembled to RailRunner trains. Reaching the destination at the other end RailRunner units are separated again and directly trucked to the dealer. No transloading from rail to road and/or ship is required, thus avoiding cars being driven out of the protective environment and stored in the open before finally be shipped to the dealer. Special distribution trucks allow direct unloading of the VTM at dealer’s showroom. A perfect shipping solution: No dealer refinishing, no vandalism, no rail dust and no weather worries.