RailRunner® offers transportation service providers and logistics managers the opportunity to create value-added solutions using its Terminal Anywhere® System. RailRunner-based solutions provide both increased revenues for service providers and access to new markets with lower associated costs for shippers.

Class 1 and Regional Railroads

  • Extend reach of double stack network without major terminal investment
  • Create improved service offerings to major customers, bring intermodal to their rail-served factories
  • Increase revenues and profits with added value relationships

Steamship Companies

  • Extend service levels in new markets
  • Generate revenues in asset repositioning
  • Attract backhaul business in headhaul heavy lanes

Drayage Companies

  • Increase customer service levels with economic access to more locations
  • Relieve operating pressure from driver shortages
  • Avoid burden of increasing fuel costs
  • Enhance customer relationships with new service products

Short Line Railroads

  • Offer key customers new intermodal services
  • Increase revenues and profits with intermodal feeder services
  • Create intermodal service offerings with minimal terminal investment