Identity-Preserved Agriculture

Whether it’s high value nutritional content or non-GMO certification, RailRunner® provides farmers, growers and processors everywhere with fully traceable IP verifiability by source loading into RailRunner containers sealed for shipment. RailRunner provides direct farm-to-fork security and access to the national stack-train network with no additional transloading.

Advances in food production technology have increased the world-wide availability of food staples. Increased competition among producers, government regulation of quality and content, security issues and commercial interest in unitized product shipments have created increasing demand for shipment of grains and other agriculture products in containers. Agricultural production is generally in hinterland areas, far from intermodal hubs and ports, a barrier that inhibits efficient container shipping.

RailRunner’s Terminal Anywhere® System offers cost effective intermodal rail service from remote producing areas to intermodal hubs and ports. RailRunner can serve farmers and producers worldwide, whether it is in the North American Prairies, the steppes of central Europe or the fields of Western Australia. RailRunner can offer easy integration with traditional intermodal services as well as new intermodal services where existing tunnel and bridge infrastructure has prevented the development and evolution of this important modern service.