Innovating Intermodal


RailRunner® is an innovative rail products and services company providing low-cost intermodal transportation solutions to underserved markets worldwide. RailRunner’s unique Terminal Anywhere® system (request a demonstration!) enables shippers to combine the economics of rail with the flexibility of trucking, while linking directly into the international containerized shipping network.

By allowing containers to be predominantly carried by more energy efficient rail, RailRunner’s technology can significantly mitigate the impact of high fuel prices and their volatility in the transportation formula while at the same time, providing more direct, cost-effective access to the containerized transport network, opening new markets for shippers. A simple expression of this concept is that one locomotive + a two-man crew replaces 150 trailers, tractors and drivers. Reduced fuel consumption, of course, results in lower pollution, and the shift from road to rail results in less traffic congestion and infrastructure strain on road systems.

RailRunner intermodal trains are assembled directly from the container-carrying RailRunner highway chassis, using compact specialized rail vehicles called “bogies.” The chassis and container are coupled to the bogie. The highway wheels are raised pneumatically, allowing the highway wheels to clear the track, thus transforming the road vehicle to a rail vehicle in a matter of minutes. Train assembly requires no lifting of the shipping container, and is fast, simple and cost-efficient, comparing favorably with container unit loading times of traditional intermodal.

This advanced RailRunner system requires far less capital equipment and cost for building and operating terminals (i.e., reach stackers, or expensive cranes in traditional intermodal “hubs”), therefore RailRunner train assembly points can be located in many places where container volumes do not support the investment in a traditional intermodal site. Bringing the Terminal Anywhere closer to the shipper reduces the distance cargo has to travel by truck, while retaining the flexibility of trucking in the transportation network.

RailRunner’s Road-Ready Intermodal container transport system has benefits for a broad range of applications and markets:

  • Short-Haul Intermodal
  • Intermodal Feeder Networks
  • Inland Terminals
  • Identity Preserved and High-Value Agriculture
  • Refrigerated and chilled produce and products
  • MSW and CDW Containers to Remote Landfills
  • Specialized Containers for Automotive Markets

RailRunner’s Road-Ready intermodal means low-cost shipping for your business and community, with lower carbon emissions for every ton of cargo moved.

Inquire today to find out how RailRunner could provide a customizable equipment and service delivery solution for your specific application.