RailRunner Moves Senior Exec to Europe

Graaff to Oversee Europe Introduction

RailRunner COO Wolfgang Graaff is transferring to Europe to directly manage the homologation and certification of RailRunner products for the European market

WALTHAM, MA, February 19, 2013 – RailRunner, N.A., Inc., the developer of innovative rail products and services providing low-cost intermodal transportation solutions to shippers today announced changes in its management emphasizing its commitment to strengthen its European operations and more effectively manage homologation and certification of RailRunner products for the European market.

Longtime Vice President and Chief Operating and Technology Officer of RailRunner, Wolfgang Graaff will return to Germany in March 2013 and assume new European responsibilities for the company. From 1983 to 1995 Graaff was CEO of Graaff GmbH, a world-renowned manufacturer of railcars, trailers and ISO containers as well as refrigerated transport equipment. He will continue his technology leadership at RailRunner as corporate Chief Engineer and will continue to advise Management and the Board on global strategy as the Company expands its international business.

“Wolfgang has brought RailRunner through major product upgrades, into commercial manufacturing and through FRA approval to operate on three Class I rail networks and other rail routes in North America” said Charles Foskett, RailRunner CEO. “RailRunner offers a uniquely high-value proposition in international markets, and Wolfgang’s direct involvement in our market entry will insure RailRunner’s efficient progress through local certification protocols and a successful commercial rollout.”

RailRunner’s unique Terminal Anywhere™ system enables shippers to combine the economics of rail with the flexibility of trucking, while linking directly into the international containerized shipping network.

By allowing trailers and containers to be predominantly carried by more energy efficient rail, RailRunner’s technology can significantly mitigate the impact of high fuel cost and their volatility in the transportation formula while at the same time, providing more direct, cost-effective access to the intermodal and containerized transport network, opening new markets for shippers and rail carriers.

RailRunner intermodal trains are assembled directly from the trailer or container carrying RailRunner highway chassis, using compact specialized rail vehicles called “bogies.” The trailer or chassis and container is coupled to the bogie. The highway vehicle wheels are raised pneumatically, allowing track clearance, thus transforming the road vehicle to a rail vehicle in a matter of minutes. Train assembly requires no lifting of the trailer or shipping container, and is fast, simple and cost-efficient, comparing favorably with container unit loading times of traditional intermodal.

This advanced RailRunner system requires far less capital equipment and cost for building and operating terminals, therefore RailRunner train assembly points can be located in many places where trucking or container volumes do not support the investment in a traditional intermodal site. Bringing the Terminal Anywhere closer to the shipper reduces the distance cargo has to travel by truck, while retaining the flexibility of trucking in the transportation network.

RailRunner’s “Road-Ready” intermodal means low-cost shipping for businesses and communities, with lower carbon emissions for every ton of cargo moved.

About RailRunner

RailRunner (www.railrunner.com) is an innovative rail products and services company bringing a new Road-Ready intermodal rail product to shippers worldwide. RailRunner’s worldwide patented container-carrying bi-modal system is designed to quickly; simply and efficiently shift chassis and container to and from highway to rail and back. With RailRunner’s low-investment Terminal Anywhere™ technology, no flatcars, pocket or well cars, huge cranes, high-value lift equipment or expensive terminal infrastructure are involved. Road-Ready trailers or chassis extend trucking or container services to markets and locations not previously reachable, improving shipping efficiency, lowering fuel cost, and reducing traffic congestion and air pollution, thus supporting environmental goals of transferring freight transport from road to more environmental-friendly rail. The company is privately held and based in Waltham, MA.

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