Railways Africa: Bimodal Solutions Transforming Logistics in the Southern Africa Market

Railways Africa:

Railways Africa™ Magazine recently interviewed key role players in the partnership between Transnet Freight Rail (TFR) and RailRunner SA (RRSA). These industry leaders are currently working in close collaboration to bring bimodal freight services to South Africa’s road and rail industries for the first time.

Thuthuka Dladla, TFR’s senior manager for inland intermodal and automotive operations; and Mike Asefovitz, TFR’s senior manager of corporate affairs, Mike Daniel the chief executive officer of RRSA; Thabiso Buku, the chairman of the RRSA board; shared their journey through more than five years of collaboration, negotiation and business development.

Intermodal Solutions for Africa’s Logistics Market

The technological revolution has brought many innovative changes to the logistics sector in recent years. In response to the ever-changing needs of the global supply chain as well as the introduction of new technologies that have forever shifted the way that goods are transported across the world, service providers have had to respond to market demands and adapt to new ways of doing business.

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